Welcome to the future of business intelligence, where smart businesses utilize analytics to enhance, improve or gain an advantage over their competitors.  Predictive analytics uses patterns to determine relationships and behaviors found in  historical (structured and unstructured) data to make predictions about unknown future events.

Techniques including data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Predictive analytics provides organizations with the ability to anticipate outcomes, create new strategies based on data and not preconceived notions or  assumptions for the purpose of generating insights to drive decisions, actions, strategy and revenues.

Recent Ingenuity

Recent examples of Predictive Analytical work

R Ultimate Histogram

Histogram in R

Histogram in R After a lot of finessing, code in R for a really great Histogram     library(ggplot2) library(formattable)...

R Coding

R Coding

Coding in R A few snipits of code that are always useful: Finding which column has NA values: unlist(lapply(dataframe ,...

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: Charity Donor Analysis

Machine Learning:  Charity Donor Analysis Introduction A charitable organization wishes to develop a machine learning model to improve the cost...

Text Analytics Sentiment Analysis

Text Analytics in R – Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Text Analytics in R A small corpus of ten articles related to the Internet of Things...

Factor Analysis Path Diagram

Factor Analysis to Identify Sectors

Factor Analysis Introduction Utilizing a stock portfolio data set and a factor analysis to identify sectors in the stock market,...

Principal Components Analysis - Grouped by Sector

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis Utilizing a stock portfolio data set and the Principal Components Analysis as a method in reducing dimension...

Automated Variable Selection

Automated Variable Selection The Amex, Iowa housing data set build has been utilized to develop various iterative regression models to...

Data Variables and Analytical Models

Data Variables and Analytical Models

Data Variables and Analytical Models Before diving in to a statistical analysis of any dataset, spending the requisite time to...

Regression Models Using Numerous Variables

Assessing Regression Models Using Numerous Variables Regression model on the Amex, Iowa housing data set builds regression models for the...

Python Word Analytics

Text Analytics on News Article

Text Analytics For a little fun, this is a text analytics based on a CBC News article which is available...

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