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Top Words in COVID & Corona Domain Names – Text Basics

Top Words in COVID & Corona Domain Names A few basics on determining the most popular terms in a dataframe of text. In this case, the dataframe is domain names that have been exported into a csv. For my example, I have a list of ~205,000 domain names with that has been compiled with ‘covid’
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Combine CSV files in RStudio in 5 Easy Steps

Combine CSV files in RStudio in 5 Easy Steps Unfortunately, with the latest update to RStudio, RWordPress has not yet been updated. In the meantime, manually posting RStudio code on how to easily combine two files in R in a few easy steps: Step 1:  Read in the first file, update the data types for
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Forecasting Dengue Epidemics

Predicting the next Pandemic – Dengue

Predicting Dengue – DataDriven Competition Goal:  Predict Dengue outbreaks by the total number of cases by year and week for for two cities (Juan and Iquitos). Data:  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the Department of Defense’s Naval Medical Research Unit 6 and the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, in collaboration with the Peruvian
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R Ultimate Histogram

Histogram in R

Histogram in R After a lot of finessing, code in R for a really great Histogram   #load libraries library(ggplot2) library(formattable) library(scales) # font windowsFonts(Tahoma=windowsFont(“Tahoma”)) lengthselect <- flist_widget[flist_widget$length==10,] lengthselect summary(lengthselect) barfill <- “cyan3” barlines <- “#1F3552” meanprice <- mean(lengthselect$price) medianprice <- currency(median(lengthselect$price), digits=0L) sdprice <- currency(sd(lengthselect$price), digits=0L) rangeprice <- currency(range(lengthselect$price), digits=0L) minprice <- currency(min(lengthselect$price), digits=0L)
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word network

Simple Visual Word Network

Simple Visual Word Network Allows users to interact with words, and related associations, visually. Network of names based on: a.  Common word associations (not always applicable but for reference left it ‘as is’) b.  Bag of Words used with resulting nouns, verbs and grouping Simple Word Network

R Coding

R Coding

Coding in R A few snipits of code that are always useful: Finding which column has NA values: unlist(lapply(dataframe , function(x) any(

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: Charity Donor Analysis

Machine Learning:  Charity Donor Analysis Introduction A charitable organization wishes to develop a machine learning model to improve the cost effectiveness of their direct marketing campaigns to previous donors. The recent mailing records reflect an overall 10% response rate with an average donation of $14.50. The cost to produce and send each mail is $2.
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Text Analytics Sentiment Analysis

Text Analytics in R – Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Text Analytics in R A small corpus of ten articles related to the Internet of Things (IoT) were collected for the purpose of text analytics.  Using R, each article was cleaned for unusual characters, changed to lower case,  removed numbers, punctuation, stop words, white space along with any additional terms that
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Factor Analysis Path Diagram

Factor Analysis to Identify Sectors

Factor Analysis Introduction Utilizing a stock portfolio data set and a factor analysis to identify sectors in the stock market, we will transform the variables into log values to explain the variation in the log-returns of the stocks and market index.  We will begin the factor analysis by performing a Principal Factor Analysis without a
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Principal Components Analysis - Grouped by Sector

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis Utilizing a stock portfolio data set and the Principal Components Analysis as a method in reducing dimension and as a remedial measure for multicollinearity in Ordinary Least Squares regression.  Beginning with the data, we will transform the variables into log values to explain the variation in the log-returns of the stocks and
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